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Book Review

The Lean Startup

10th July 2018

This post is about Eric Ries's book "The Lean Startup". This book's message has a wider applicability than one might think, because contrary to what the title suggests, its methodology applies to more than just startups…


3rd November 2017

This post is about Yuval Noah Harari's book Sapiens. All of my favorite books have changed the way I view the world in some non-trivial way. There's nothing quite like the experience of reading a book and then, afterward, realiz…

Zero To One

26th June 2017

This post is about Peter Thiel's book Zero to One. I'm generally fascinated by how very smart people view the world, particularly if those views are unpopular. Peter Thiel, a well-known entrepreneur/investor and famously contrar…

The Innovators

17th October 2016

After finishing Walter Isaacson’s well-known 2014 book The Innovators, I was struck by a few things.  First, I realized just how little I knew about the history of computing before I read this book.  Charles Babbage and the Differ…